Mooncup Menstrual Cup
I got my Mooncup.
For those who don't know a Mooncup is a silicone cup that you use instead of tampons. It is re-usable and it is safer.

I'll be honest when I first heard about the Mooncup I was skeptical! I mean I am into natural and organic in a big way and yet it all just seemed a bit weird! And wouldn't it be really messy?

So you have found yourself just plodding through life, and while it is OK, it is not exactly the big, exciting, glamorous life you dreamed about as a child.

Perhaps you had things you wanted to do, goals you wanted to achieve, someone you wanted to become. Did you have hobbies that you were passionate about and never developed? Somewhere in this daily grind that most people call 'LIFE' your dreams got squashed and were never realised.


Help with - Period cramps, Period Pains, PMT and more

I have always suffered at that time of the month, from debilitating period cramps / pains to PMT and emotional mood swings. However recently I have focused a lot of attention on working out what could be done to make things easier and less painful during my period.

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choosing a life coach

The concept of life coaching as a useful and valuable service which can greatly enhance and improve one's life is becoming more widely accepted across the globe. Here are some things to consider when choosing a life coach.


inika organic makeup

If you have read any of my stuff before you may well have heard me talk about Inika. And I am going to keep talking about this brand because I have totally fallen in love with their products! I feel SO excited about this! Mainly because when I first started my journey into using organic and natural makeup and cosmetics, I didn't believe that I would find any makeup products that did the job as well as mainstream (chemical laden ones).

Well Inika products do!!


manifesting what you really want!

I love this video!
Happy Friday peeps.

What happens when we put on weight? and how does it affect us as women?

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There is no denying it, I put on some weight over the winter. Why? Well there are lots of reasons, I will share a couple in a minute, however that is not what I want to talk about today.

Just a real quick post to say that I LOVE to hear back from you all. I think many opinions and shared knowledge is better than just my opinion and knowledge.

So if you have something to share, that you think could benefit the women who read here, make a comment in the comments box, or get in touch with me to do a guest blog post.

I think the best way women can support each other is to share, and I believe each and every one of you has something useful you could share, no matter who you are!

Julie. x

Bareface organic natural face creams

I just wanted to tell you about the Bareface range of bespoke organic cosmetics that I have discovered and LOVE. These are handmade by Stephanie Slade and are made from the finest natural, organic ingredients. They are a treat for your face and they are also reasonably priced.


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