Just a real quick post to say that I LOVE to hear back from you all. I think many opinions and shared knowledge is better than just my opinion and knowledge.

So if you have something to share, that you think could benefit the women who read here, make a comment in the comments box, or get in touch with me to do a guest blog post.

I think the best way women can support each other is to share, and I believe each and every one of you has something useful you could share, no matter who you are!

Julie. x


08/04/2013 09:55

Hiya Julie,

I was just wondering if any of your followers on here are pregnant and how they cope with the fact that the size of their bodies is completely out of control?! I am still watching my calorie and fat intake and exercising frequently, but my body is expanding far faster than alot of other pregnant women I know! Although I know that the outcome will be something very special, it is very demoralising seeing your waistling explode and hearing comments such as 'it must be twins in there!' or 'you are huge'.

I suppose I have always been very body conscious after being bullied continually over my size during my teens and spent my twenties as a healthy, curvy size 10/12. After my first pregnancy I lost my baby weight fairly quickly but cant help feeling yuck at my current size, and I am only 18/19 weeks!


09/04/2013 08:09

Hi Kelly,
I am pretty sure that I have some readers who are, or have recently been, pregnant. Obviously I haven't had children yet and I do know what it feels like to have a body that changes shape due to circumstances and to often feel that I have no control of this.
I think the truth is that actually we don't have much control over the shape of out bodies. A lot is genetic (75% some evidence suggests) and much is to do with our hormones. So all we can do is work on what we CAN control and that is our reaction to what is happening to our body and size at any point in our life.

I am not saying this is easy, it is on-going work. It is even more challenging if you had a hard time when you were younger or experienced bullying. And it is certainly possible to feel positive about your body NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SHAPE AND SIZE! You can do this.

So I would say keep aiming for health, eating well and enjoying your exercise. And work on keeping your self esteem up, and doing whatever is needed to feel as good as you can about your own body and self. Have you read http://www.redsirens.co.uk/1/post/2012/12/how-to-feel-beautiful-even-if-you-dont-think-you-are.html
Also check out http://www.redsirens.co.uk/1/post/2012/10/the-sad-story-of-mrs-x-and-why-her-husband-called-her-a-fat-pig-guest-post.html.

The 'Health At Every Size' movement is very helpful.

As for the people who make comments, to me that feels kinda insensitive, however well meaning they may be. I would actually tell them 'that feels bad' when I heard the comments.

I hope this helps and maybe someone else will have some suggestions too.

Let us know how you get on.



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