Bareface organic natural face creams

I just wanted to tell you about the Bareface range of bespoke organic cosmetics that I have discovered and LOVE. These are handmade by Stephanie Slade and are made from the finest natural, organic ingredients. They are a treat for your face and they are also reasonably priced.
I have tried both of the moisturising creams, the bloom cream and the petal cream. The bloom cream is lighter, more like a daytime cream or best for someone with young skin who needs light moisturisation. The Petal cream is a bit richer, so I use it as a night cream, and it packs a good moisture punch for those with dry or mature skin. It reminds me of the Nivea my Auntie used to use when I was a child in terms of consistency, and it feels heavenly on the skin. The creams also smell nice.

The best part though is that they don't contain any of the nasty carcinogenic chemicals that most of the mainstream creams and cosmetics have, like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Parabens and Phthalates. Apart from being known carcinogenics (cancer causing) these chemicals have been linked to a host of other health problems including hormone disruption, infertility and problems in fetal and child development, just to mention a few. There are MANY more issues. Don't assume that because you can buy it is is safe! To find out more about these nasty chemicals GO HERE.

Back to the Bareface range though, you won't find anything like that in these products, only stuff that is good for your skin. Stephanie used to work for Dr Hauscha and so is an expert in blending the ingredients just right. Here creams start at £18 per pot and there are other products available including mineral face masks, almond face cleanser, floral water and more.

She also offers a host of treatments such as facials using her own natural, organic products. You can visit her website here:

Or call her on: 07835 927868


Julie. x

To read more about natural organic beauty go see my Natural Beauty Blog HERE.


I'm going to be much more observant from now on. I just read how they are linking hair dyes to cancer. It's absolutely crazy. Thanks for pointing out alternatives.
03/04/2013 07:37

03/04/2013 10:16

Yes that is true. Did you read my review of Harlem Hair over on They only use organic hair dyes with low levels of PPDs.
Check it out here:
Thanks for stopping by.


Amazing Julie thank you x. Stephanie.
25/06/2013 04:56

I absolutely agree. I have been using Bareface products for some time and I LOVE them. There is no way I would use any other skin care. Dagmar
27/06/2013 01:27


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